About Us

We are situated in the heart of Warsaw. Happily serving our customers since 2007.

A few words about the restaurant ..

Arti Restaurant has been operating since 2007. The first restaurant is a small and pleasantly decorated venue, located on Alejach Jerozolimskich 121/123. The restaurant is very popular among customers. From 20 January 2010, we inaugurated a second restaurant on ul. Francuskiej 5a, which is much larger than the former. In both restaurants you can feel truly Indian atmosphere. Attention is immediately drawn to the decor, the Indian furniture carved beautifully, sculptures and paintings, as well as the soothing Indian music.

The menu is full of a wide variety of dishes, this is due to the fact that offer a combination of specialities, method of preparation and the use of sauces and spices drawn from India and Thailand. Delicious, dense, flavourful and well seasoned sauces, spicy, yes, but with taste. Dishes with meat are delicious, fresh, non-greasy. A variety of vegetarian meals, delicious paneer (Indian cheese), real basmati rice, and naan (flat bread) prepared from flour imported straight from India. We highly recommend the dishes out of the tandoor, served hot on plates. For dessert, yogurt with mango and Indian ice cream - quite different from those known in Poland. Food makes you lick your fingers - a experience truly Indian.

The quality of the premises is well indicated as quite often you can meet foreigners from around the world. A multitude of visitors are Indians which is the best recommendation for the premises.